Not The End

Not The End is more than a name, it is a mission. When you partner with us by buying a t-shirt, your purchase extends the reach of the Gospel throughout the world.
Together we can make hope happen and ensure this life is not the end for kids worldwide.



  • Today the nation of Kenya celebrates 50 years of independence. #wearenottheend #50for50kenya
  • This student holds her bible. In some places this is not do unusual, but in places like the slums in Kenya, this scene can be a rare thing. We can put Bibles in the hands for kids across Kenya, giving them access to something so sacred and something we sometimes can take for granted. #wearenottheend #50for50kenya
  • We may have been a little distracting during large group time in the Kibera Awana club. #wearenottheend #50for50kenya
  • The power and influence of adult leaders/mentors should never under estimated. Even laughing together can help influence change. #wearenottheend #50for50kenya
  • Looking upon this little girl whose face shows the evidence of being burned, one can think of Psalm 82:3&4 - 3 Give justice to the weak and the fatherless; maintain the right of the afflicted and the destitute. 
4 Rescue the weak and the needy; deliver them from the hand of the wicked." #wearenottheend #50for50kenya
  • Kenya will celebrate 50 years of independence next Thursday. The shirt this person who is pledging to the Kenyan flag is wearing talks about rape being a crime.
As great as it maybe for a government to have independence, true freedom for the individual is found only in Christ. You can help children experience true freedom as you buy shirts from Not The End. #wearenottheend #50for50kenya
  • Walking towards a better tomorrow, these students have been studying for their placement exams. #wearenottheend #50for50kenya
  • Carol Lockwood and the Awana leaders at Clinch River Baptist Church in Lake City, TN representing and making hope happen with Not The End. Because of these awesome people a group of children will not only be reached with the Gospel, but they'll be given the Word of God as well.  You too can make hope happen! #wearenottheend #50for50kenya